Options Orientation Course

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A lot of people understand what options are, but the minute they open the Robinhood app to trade they become a deer in headlights and analysis paralysis takes over. My Options Orientation course is a beginner's walkthrough of trading options on Robinhood. I hold your hand through understanding everything from a refresher of the basics, to applying for options trading, buying/selling(with video examples)and navigating the app, to understanding the Greeks, the options chain and more. It’s like a user manual of sorts LOL (y’all know I’m still a techie 😂) And it’s priced at the value of a good lunch/dinner (a $20 spot). I hope you love it, I hope it brings somebody clarity, and I hope it helps somebody make money.

You can join Robinhood here: (Use this link to get a free stock): bit.ly/go_robinhood

What's Inside the Course:

    • Course Introduction / Options Basics:
      -An Introduction To Options Trading
  • Navigating Robinhood
    -How to get around the app, search stocks, view your account info

  • Understanding The Stock Page
    -Line graph, Time Frames, The Stats, News, Analyst Ratings, Earnings & More

  • Understanding The Options Chain
    -Expiration Dates, Buy/Sell Call/Put, Strike Price, Premium, Break Even,   Share Price

  • Understanding The Buying Screen
    -The Stats, The Greeks, Open Interest/Volume, Stop Limit/ Stop Loss

  • Watch Me Sell A Contract For Profit (PINS Example)
    -This is what it's like to calmly sell your for profit contract with no rush

  • Selling A Contract For Profit As Stock Is Falling
    -This me selling my contract after the stock price went up quickly and started    come back down (Getting out quick with your profit!)

  • Outro Putting It All Together

  • Helping My Mom Make Her First Trade (Applying To Trade Options On Robinhood) -watch me walk my mom through her first options trade.

  • *Bonus Video* - Using The Options Profit Calculator
     How to use a powerful tool in helping you understand your potential profit on   your options trades
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Options Orientation Course

12 ratings